Every Horse Has A Story

Horses are the foundation and heart of our services. At Windridge, children and adults continually reach beyond the constraints of their special needs because of the intervention of our remarkable horses. Not only do they provide the therapeutic movement that is critical to our riders’ clinical progress, they provide the unconditional acceptance and bond with our riders that often becomes the motivating catalyst for every area of our riders’ lives. We have horses of varying sizes, gaits, and temperaments in order to accommodate a wide spectrum of needs. Both the tangible and intangible gifts our horses give are innumerable and priceless. Each member of our herd is a treasure in a way that is unique to them; each, absolutely, has their own tale to tell. Our horses’ willingness and unlimited hearts have captured the hearts of all of us who know them. Our horse management program emphasizes optimal nutrition and an exercise and preventative care regime to maximize health, soundness, productivity, and well-being. Horses are given exceptional veterinary care and kept on a regular vaccination, de-worming and farrier schedule and we individually evaluate and address nutritional needs.