Project Description

Therapeutic/Adaptive Riding

Windridge provides Therapeutic/Adaptive Riding which incorporates education and exercise through the beneficial movement of the horse all while teaching mounted equestrian skills.  The high-quality rhythmic movement of the horse aids in emotional and cognitive development to decrease anxiety, improve focus, attention, and memory.  Research has shown that a horse moves in patterns similar to typical human walking and can impart a powerful sensorimotor experience to the client positively affecting their balance, strength, flexibility, sensory regulation, visual and vestibular flow.

Program participants gain horsemanship skills that lead to the development of independent daily life skills.  While learning to communicate with and care for their horse, participants interact with peers, volunteers, and instructors as they focus on an activity that is a recognized sport as well as educational.  Therapeutic/adaptive riding broadens the attention span while promoting cooperation, teamwork, social interaction, and independence.  Participants experience a freedom of motion and ability that brings joy into other aspects of their lives.