Project Description

Equines In Service For Heroes

Equines In Service For Heroes

Windridge’s Equines in Service for Heroes program serves military service and law enforcement personnel that endure physical disabilities and/or mental health diagnoses.  Through volunteerism and Therapeutic/Adaptive Riding Windridge works to serve those who have selflessly served their country.

In our Therapeutic/Adaptive Riding program, veteran and horse are paired together, in a personalized plan, to help meet the needs and goals of the individual participant.  The movement of the horse is known to mimic the movement of a human walking, providing physical benefits such as improved balance, motor skills, coordination, and strengthening of the muscles.  Learning horsemanship skills provide participants with mental and emotional benefits, for example reduced stress and anxiety, trust and relationship building, increased self-confidence, improve memory and attention, and support increased morale.

Not interested in riding? Volunteerism is another way to learn useful skills while putting your hands and skills to work.  Volunteers spend their time caring for horses, doing facility maintenance, and supporting participants during class times.  Benefits of volunteering include, but are not limited to, building relationships with participants and fellow volunteers, increased self-confidence and self-worth, and gaining new experiences.

If you or someone you know is interested in participating in our Equines in Service for Heroes program, please call the Windridge office (903) 797-2414 for more information.