We Need Your Help

Windridge has a beautiful, covered facility that resides on forty-three acres.  Outer lying areas include wooded trails, a sensory trail, an obstacle course, and pastures.  Inevitably, there are various projects that we need help with.

Windridge often has the need for people with welding skills, tree removal, painting, etc.  If you or someone you know has these skills, please consider giving your time and talent to preserve what the community has built.

Windridge welcomes Scouts and other Service Organizations who wish to coordinate special projects on our premises.

There are many ways you can help.

You could:

Fund a project

Volunteer and work on a project

Organize a group of volunteers to fund and work on a project.


Please contact Windridge at (903)797-2414 for our current project needs.

    There’s LOTS to do and plenty of hands are welcome for the help.