Your Investment Changes Lives!

Not only does Windridge make a difference in the lives of our participants and their families, we also make a difference in the lives of our volunteers. While volunteering at Windridge you’ll learn new skills, meet new people, and experience the incredible feeling that comes from sharing your time and talent with our participants.

The lifeblood of Windridge is its volunteers. Throughout the week, adult and teen volunteers help Windridge instructors, program participants and horses as needed.

Since 1989 to 2019 volunteers have given over 99,904 hours of service to Windridge. If we take an average of $5 an hour for minimum wage over the 30 years…The community has donated the equivalent of $499,520 to make class times happen. The service hours mentioned do not include the countless numbers of churches, civic organizations and schools who donate their time to complete projects for Windridge.

Volunteers perform many functions.
Volunteers . . .

care for the horses
prepare the horses for class times
lead a horse in a participant’s class time
walk alongside the horse, as a sidewalker, to support a program participant as needed
support program participant’s in skill development
clean stalls, help with odd jobs or assist office personnel

Adult and youth volunteers do not need experience around horses or children and adults with disabilities. Volunteer skills are taught by Windridge’s instructors.This training helps the volunteer to gain the knowledge and skills that will benefit a program participant, other volunteers, instructors and horses.

Adults and teen volunteers who wish to give back to their community through their volunteer efforts at Windridge should contact Debbie, Windridge’s Volunteer Coordinator, at 903.797.2414.