We Need Your Help

Windridge has a beautiful covered facility and resides on forty-three acres. Outer lying areas include wooded trails, a sensory trail, an obstacle course and pastures. Inevitably, there are various projects we need help with. If you want to help complete these projects please call Windridge 903.797.2414 and talk with Debbie, our Volunteer Coordinator.

There are many ways you can help. You could:
Fund the project
Volunteer to work on the project
Organize a group of volunteers to fund and work on the project

Windridge Projects Include:

  • Perimeter Pipe Fence: Windridge needs a perimeter fence built of pipe and smooth wire. Windridge has the pipe and wire. We need volunteers to set pipe posts and welders to weld the top rail onto the post. After the top rail is welded on top we need volunteers to help string smooth wire to complete the fence.
  • Animal Cut-outs for Windridge’s Trails: Create and paint animal cut-outs for our wooded trails.
  • Outdoor Arena Signs: Windridge is in need of 10 signs to display arena letters in our outdoor arena.
  • Scrapbookers: Windridge needs your help to put in the many items we have for our scrapbooks.

There’s LOTS to do and plenty of hands are welcome for the help.