Project Description

Therapeutic/Adaptive Riding

Therapeutic/Adaptive Riding Program

Windridge provides Therapeutic/Adaptive Riding as an innovative and highly beneficial form of therapy incorporating education and exercise utilizing the beneficial movement of the horse while teaching mounted equestrian skills. The horse’s movement manipulates a rider’s body to the finest degree as if they are walking.

This movement produces weight bearing through limbs and joints, rotation of the pelvis, sensory stimulation, and strengthening and stretching of muscles. All are vital to a person with a disability as their exposure to physical exercise is limited.

In addition to receiving therapy benefits and improving life skills, participants gain equestrian skills that enable them to learn to ride a horse at all gaits and trail ride. Program participants enjoy learning to care for their horse and interact with peers, volunteers, and instructors as they focus on an activity that is therapeutic and educational, broadening their attention span while promoting cooperation, teamwork, social interaction, fostering self-sufficiency and independence, and developing life skills.