Windridge’s Board of Directors

Windridge is governed by an active and responsible body of men and women, who serve without compensation and exercise effective administrative control. Windridge’s Board of Directors meet the once a month.

If you would like to serve our community and become a Windridge Board Member, please call Windridge’s office at 903.797.2414.

  • President: Mrs. Michelle Holloway

  • Vice President:  Mrs. Molly Riley

  • Treasurer: Mrs. Stacy Morrison

  • Secretary: Mrs. Crystal Thornton

  • Member: Mr. Larry Courington

  • Member: Latricia Malone

  • Member: David Brabham

  • Member: Mr. E. Ray Bostick Jr.

  • Member: Andrew R. Rodriguez

  • Member: Tim Bryan

  • Member: Constable Roger Askew

  • Member: Celia Bower -Executive Director(non-voting)